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Good domain names are becoming hard to find. With over 30 million com, net and org domains registered, most of the best domain names have been taken. There are still some good domain names available, but it takes hours of searching and a lot of luck to find them. However, there is one source of unregistered domain names which shortcuts your domain name search:

Each week thousands of domain names expire and become available again. Millions of domain names have been expiring over the last couple of years!  These expired domain names are names that were previously registered, but where the registration has not been renewed, or where the registrant has defaulted on payment. These unclaimed domain names are then repossessed and are made available for anyone to register again.

As more domain names are registered, more domain names are allowed to expire. So while new unregistered domain names become harder to find, the expired domain lists are getting better all the time.

We research the expired domain names and email a FREE list of red hot dot-com names to you. Unlike some other lists, our lists are compiled with available domain names containing selected words of specific commercial value. This means that you do not waste hours searching through thousands of meaningless names or even other people's spelling mistakes. 

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